Casino Table Games that Offer the Lowest House Edge

As diverse as they may be, all casino table games have one thing in common: they all have a house edge. Simply put, this is the degree that players are likely to lose their money to the casino over time.

It is true that some table games offer more favorable odds than others in this regard. Note that here are the best casino table games that will give you the best for your money.


The seemingly intricate craps setup combined with the somewhat intimidating arena in which it is played is often enough to get many casino players (beginners and experienced players) to avoid the game.

This is really a shame, as Craps is not only a really exciting game, but also offers some of the best opportunities. Even inexperienced players playing a relatively rudimentary game can, with the right approach, reduce the house’s advantage from 5% to 1 to 1.5%.

While there are numerous ways to do this (including mastering the popular PASS and DO NOT PASS bets), putting behind the pass line – also known as the ODDS side bet – is often the key, as the house edge comes with 0% is. , That’s right, the casino has absolutely no advantage when this bet is made.

In addition, some casinos allow up to 100 times the odds of winning bets behind the pass line. So if you are lucky, this can be enormously lucrative.


If you want to avoid the craps of craps, try the quietest and most elegant game on the ground: Baccarat. Baccarat may have a somewhat sophisticated reputation due to his longstanding relationship with James Bond.

The truth is that baccarat is not a sophisticated proposition at all, it’s just a direct game that offers even some inexperienced players some really odd odds. There are only three results in which baccarat can be played: the player wins; The banker wins, or it is a draw.

The advantage of the casino in bank betting is just over 1%. However, this is associated with a high commission of 5% if a player wins by betting on the banker. The house edge is about 1.25%, although there is no commission on this bet.

The casino advantage in a draw is more than 14%, so it is not worth to deal with it. So there are only two bets: banker or player. Baccarat is essentially a coin toss, albeit seductively elegant.


The true beauty of blackjack from a player’s perspective is its relative simplicity. A simple game and, if you’re just a little savvy, a simple game that lets you take full advantage of the house edge.

While an average punter (someone who believes he can get as close to 21 as possible, the target) is likely to have a house edge of about 2%, an intelligent player (someone who’s just trying to beat the dealer) can who applies a basic strategy that has lost winning odds to 0.5% – the lowest of all table games.

It is important to note that the house edge is only so low when playing European Blackjack when using one or two card games. Do yourself a favor and stay away from American blackjack – where six to eight standard decks are used – if you have the choice.

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