For The Win makes it easier to lock down your Venom seat

Hurricanes start on Thursday, November 14th. If you have not heard of it yet, it’s a great opportunity to quickly and easily find your way into the $ 6 million poison.

But before they even get started, they’ll be even better with a new For The Win feature. More about it in a second. First, a quick overview of Cyclones, in case this is all new to you.

Cyclones are Blitz Step tourneys. But instead of having to finish at the top of a Step, you simply hit a target stack of 5,000 chips to move on to the next Step. And as you move to the next Step, you’ll have a bigger starting stack than before.

Get over 5,000 chips in Step 7 and you’ve got yourself a $2,650 Venom seat.

Now for the best part. If you miss your target, it doesn’t matter. Because with For The Win, if you get close to the target chip amount, you can pay the cash difference and move on. And you can even do that in Step 7 to lock down your $2,650 seat.

Cyclones begin at Americas Cardroom on Thursday November 14th, with the $6 Million Venom getting underway on Wednesday, November 27th. Come play.

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