Since the advent of online casinos, popular card game poker and its multitude of variations have changed dramatically – not just in the way the game is played, but also in how easily the players gain access to it Have poker games. These changes have brought an influx of players, which has increased the interest in casino games altogether.

While both online and live games are still popular with seasoned poker players, and many professionals try both variations at some point in their careers, there is often a tendency that tends toward one rather than the other. In this sense, we are here to clarify the question: what is better? Online Poker vs. Real Poker “by breaking down the differences and outlining the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision on which one works best for you.


Unlike many land-based casinos, online poker bets can start with ante bets of just 0.10 pence on the small blind, and some offer extremely low buy-in stakes (depending on whether the game is a No or not) -limit, limit or pot-limit game). In this way, online poker games are usually cheaper to play because they no longer require extravagant buy-ins, blind bets and travel expenses while maintaining the potential for profit. Theoretically, by playing with these lower online bets, you could minimize the material balance you could lose while you build your bankroll and experience the game.

Online poker is relatively fast-paced, unlike live poker. Generally, more hands are dealt per hour at online poker tables. This is ideal for those who are relatively new to the game, as they are able to build their skills and experience faster by playing higher volume sheets within shorter time frames.

One of the main reasons why the volume of hands played in online poker is so high is multi-tabling. This means that in addition to cash games players can also participate in tournaments, which increases the chances to increase their account balance faster.

It is arguably one of the biggest selling points of online poker, that it is easily accessible everywhere, so that players can participate in a game anytime, anywhere, which is most convenient for them. Most websites offer a mobile version of their poker clients, much like the casino app, making it even easier to navigate from a mobile device.

Due to the fact that online poker games involve more hands per hour, they are generally played much faster than live poker tournaments. For this reason, players theoretically have more opportunities to compete in online tournaments and increase their bankroll simply because the number of games played is higher.

Virtual casinos are not limited by the physical space restrictions that apply to stationary casinos. They are able to host a much wider selection of games and tournament types than their live relatives. This may include additional variants of games besides standard hold’em poker like Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker, which are great if the original poker style is not really your thing.

It is common for online casinos to attract players with cashback or deposit bonuses. These incentives provide players with the opportunity to sack extra money if they play their cards properly, and possibly compensate for a few missed hands. Casino bonus promotions, which raise the idea of ​​adding extra money to your balance, are probably one of the biggest incentives to play online rather than playing in a live casino.

What are the disadvantages of online casinos?

Due to the greater number of players in virtual casino rooms, the number of players in a single online tournament tends to be much higher than in a live card room, which means that there are generally more players with a lot of money, but not much poker sense as a big fish.

Although stakes in online games are generally lower, there will always be players trying to play with the higher stakes – these are players who generally know the poker table and often prove to be tough opponents. Your choice of tables is crucial in online poker.

They want to find out where the Big Fish players are, rather than trying to find their way through a game with more experienced opponents.

If you are not living in a metropolitan area, your access to real brick and mortar casinos may be severely restricted or may not exist if you are not within an acceptable travel distance. In combination with the limited game selection, choosing the live casino is a breeze for some players. The situation can be a big disadvantage when playing live poker games.

The term “rake” refers to the percentage of profit potential the company has earned as commission. It varies from casino to casino, but is often extremely high and makes it virtually impossible for live cash poker games to be profitable. also for professional players. It is recommended that players research their rake amounts before participating in a live casino game.

Many of the daily tournaments in live casinos are played too fast and steep to allow players to tweak their gameplay. Conducting poker tournaments is expensive for casinos, so for many casinos, the consensus is to get through as many as possible and as fast as possible. This leads to a game with much higher volatility, where luck takes precedence over actual poker skills.

In most online games, calculations such. Pot sizes, player piles and betting sizes, usually already done in favor of the player. In live games, however, the player must add those dimensions to the game himself and learn how to track them efficiently to determine the odds of winning for each hand.

Also in the online game, the raise amount before the flop is usually predetermined and is at all cash games at about 3 times the big blind bet. Conversely, in live poker, when a player enters the game with a pre-flop raise, the bet size can be between 4x and 10x the big blind – which is the pot-to-stack ratio of the game dramatically reduced.

Although there are many factors to consider when it comes to the debate between online poker and live poker, there are two things that are guaranteed, no matter which option you choose: quality and convenience. What is “best” depends mainly on the preferences of the players, and what suits the playing style of a player may not suit the playing style of another player.

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