You may have shot the reels of the Book of Dead slot once or twice, deepening the mysterious ancient Egyptian theme. But have you ever wondered where the idea for this blockbuster hit came from? The Book of the Dead is an important piece of Egyptian history, and many explorers have tried to find it. But before we can understand how this epic online slot came about, we need to flip back a few pages in time …

The Book of the Dead is about 1150 BC. To have arisen. Previously known as “The Book of the Dead,” it is considered one of history’s most famous books, though technically it was not a book but a compilation of texts. Maybe you have seen the precious book in movies, but these have not always been realistic depictions. The Book of the Dead is not so much a book in the traditional sense as a loose collection of illustrations, spells, incantations, and inscriptions that helped the dead on their journey into the underworld. The famous burial text was written by priests over a period of about 1,000 years, and the original title translates roughly into Forth by Day’s Book of Coming. You will find the Book of the Dead in the coffin or in the burial chamber of the deceased.


You may assume that the Book of the Dead was a religious text that is partially true. What you may not know, however, is that the ancient Egyptians believed in magic and casting spells was as common as praying. But what kind of magic would you find on the pages of the Book of the Dead? Well, it seems there was a spell for every occasion with a number of purposes. Some incantations gave mystery knowledge to the deceased in the afterlife so they could identify with the gods. Other spells made sure that the elements of the dead person were preserved and reunited on the other side of life. Protection from enemy forces sounds good? Also for that you will find a saying. Many of the mantra found in the old book were painted on pyramid-shaped objects and tomb walls, where they would remain for centuries. You’ll notice that some faint inscriptions are engraved on the ancient pillars in the background of the Book of Dead slot – take a closer look as you turn the Book of Dead scrolls.


The Book of the Dead was a mystery for many years. People were aware of its existence in the Middle Ages, but the content could not yet be deciphered. The first new edition of the Book of the Dead appeared in 1805 and was published by employees of the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt. It was not until 1822 Jean Francois Champollion began to translate hieroglyphs. It was François who identified the funeral rites in the text.

Subsequently, Karl Richard Lepsius translated a manuscript from the Ptolemaic Empire. He was the one who called the text the Book of the Dead, which of course is the name he knows most about today, and which is the title of the Book of the Dead Slots. Lepsius has also developed a magic numbering system to simplify the identification of all 165 spells and their purpose.

The translation and reproduction of the Book of the Dead has continued over the years and many have committed themselves to the project. Many of these works are still in circulation, but some are considered obsolete.


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