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It sometimes seems strange that the most rewarding and exciting aspect of poker – bluffing across multiple streets – is usually one of the most misunderstood and least executed games of all. Despite the immense focus on aggression in recent years on poker broadcasts and training sites across the poker world, the bluff strategy and especially the multi-street bluff still seems to be a mystery to those who want to learn how to make the power games for the first time Poker.

However, the reality is that as long as you are not competing against a table full of seasoned high-level players, you will not earn more money at the poker table with any skills than learn to bluff aggressively and consistently.

We have all heard the old wisdom of poker that in bluffing you have two options for giving the best hand: making the best of it and getting your opponent to fold the best hand. Yet, we can often find that inexperienced players refuse to put much of the emphasis on a standard continuation bet or at most a check-raise bluff on the flop, without performing a mandatory follow-through on later roads.

That’s why we’re going to look at three relatively common poker scenarios today that you’re likely to see in different forms each time you sit at the table. Although we look at specific examples of how to better draw the picture, you should make a note of the reasoning for each and every item that can help you regardless of your exact stock.

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