What Your Favorite Casino Game Tells About You

Have you ever noticed that different types of people like different kinds of ice cream, watch different TV shows and listen to different music? It also applies to players that we all like different casino games. Like these other examples, our personal taste for games and gambling styles can provide a deep insight into your personality traits. Read on to find out what your favorite game says about you.


Let’s start with the curiosity of casino games, which is more skill than luck. To succeed in the game, you have to have a good head for numbers and be able to interpret those numbers and turn them into a winning strategy. It’s about judging not only the risk against the reward, but also other people. They have to gauge their reaction and read it like a book. Online poker players are often patient and play long hours of perseverance and concentration. Poker players are mostly people. They have spent a long time observing their fellow human beings and understanding them on a deep level. They make good friends and dangerous enemies.


The dice on craps table is certainly not for introverts, but for those thrill seekers who are attracting attention and craving the glory of a winning pitch. Craps players are most alive in these desperate moments when the dice slam and turn the felt. Whether played on a street corner or at a high roller casino table, it attracts those with a certain courage, an extravagant personality who can plunge into the situation and dares to risk everything for the love of the audience.


Roulette players can be both introverted as the poker type or extroverted as the craps players. Like Craps, the game cuts through social layers. It is an easy-to-learn game, though the variety of bets can scare off some people. Some roulette players are fearless and bet on a single number in a high stakes game, while others choose the more conservative, lower risk bet. However, both are excited about the excitement of seeing the ball turn at the roulette wheel and hope it lands on its number or color. After all, roulette players are romantics whose blood is as red as the squares on the wheel.


The game, favored by the fictional superspy James Bond, resembles craps and attracts the kind of players who prefer a more extravagant, but slightly more sophisticated game. There are no dice to kiss when the player challenges the dealer, and no way to hold back like blackjack. As the rules for players and donors are fixed, the game is all about chance. It’s James Bond’s favorite just because the winners have a happy, pretty sexy look. If you’re at the Baccarat table, you’re probably an elegantly dressed charmer with some good pick-up lines in your arsenal.


Blackjack is easy to play but hard to master. Like poker, there’s an element of skill, risk and patience, especially if you’re trying to remember which cards came before. It’s a game for the ordinary player or the smart statistician. Blackjack players are often social and extroverted and play in a carefree atmosphere with a mix of other players of varying skill levels.


The fact that the vast majority of online casino games are slots provides a good insight into the people who play them. Slots are meant for the fun, yet introverted player who wants to enjoy spinning the reels for more than one win. Modern slots have evolved from the beginnings of one-arm bandits to colorful 3D video slots with stunning graphics and symphonic sound. Still, they have kept their simple and entertaining mechanics, with the Auto Player as a feature, so players can just sit back and play the game themselves. They are for casual gamers looking for a place to escape, relax and have a bit of fun.

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