X Ways Poker Players Burn Their Equity In Live Games

Whether you’re leaving the virtual felt on a lazy Saturday afternoon to go to your local neighborhood casino, or traveling to Las Vegas for the first time during the WSOP to enjoy the hefty cash game options during the busiest time of the year Using live poker is a great way for online gamers to take a break from the monitor and the fierce competition and enjoy some comradely and gentle poker action.

However, the problem faced by most online gamblers when playing live matches is a greatly reduced hourly expectation. The rake is higher, the number of hands seen per hour is (much, much) lower, and you’re suddenly forced to tip each time you win the pot. Moreover, given a plethora of financial obstacles such as food, drinks and massages per minute polluting the street, there is not much need to turn what used to be a considerable advantage over the weaker competition into a break -even sentence no longer worth his time and effort.

In fact, for the majority of players, live poker would be seen as entertainment rather than money-making. Because while it is true that live games are by and large much softer than their online counterparts (with many pros playing a live $ 1 / $ 2 game with the online level of $ 0.25 / 0.50 Many Inexperienced Players Have Live Bankroll Leaks It would be much better if they downsized a few limits and spent their time improving their game in the more accessible online forum such as Americas Cardroom.

However, for those of you who love the scent of 11 people who are at a poker table, or looking for the kinds of head scratching games that people live for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, the internet is much harder to do In the past decade, there have been four simple mistakes made by inexperienced or undisciplined live players eating the bottom line and making long-term viability extremely difficult. Eliminate these 4 mistakes from your game and you have the chance to become a real live poker crusher while your opponents use all their energy to complain about how “unbeatable” the live scene has become.


By far the easiest way to repair a live leak is to minimize your expenses. As the old saying goes, “A saved dollar is a dollar earned.” There are many ways in which players can reduce their profits through unconscious spending, such as: away if you could get a complete six-pack for the price of a drink. If your ultimate goal is profitability rather than enjoyment, instead bring along a packed lunch and some snacks at a fraction of the cost, give standard units, regardless of the size of the pot, and make sure you’re not into alcohol and alcohol focus on the table. by the way.

No Attention

We’ve all seen it at the poker table, the would-be online poker hero with the oversized headphones, who tweets the chip counts between each hand during the first level of a three-day tournament, or the nice elderly lady who spends her time in the table Possibility to catch up on the latest events on Facebook, or the brother who focuses more on the cocktail waitress and the Yankees game on the big screen than on the fact that all the professionals at the table have already called him “the sign”. have designated.

Not only are all these players in common, they do not receive information about their opponents because of their distractibility, but simply send a signal to the other players because of the fact that they do not seem to be careful about the table they are open to, to fall prey to exploitable strategy, as their opponents do not have to worry about staying balanced (which is defined as the same number of bluffs and value bets in each scenario). If these distracted players only pretend to watch and follow the action closely, even if monkeys ride the unicycle around their brains, this would force the sharp-witted opponents to withdraw the reign a little, reducing their sharpness instantly you. Sometimes seeing is as good as believing.

Failure To Count

This is probably the hardest to correct, and that’s saying something, considering that it’s not that hard at all if you have enough practice. And yet, you can always see how the players at the table make big decisions, unaware of how many chips are already in the pot, let alone how many of their opponents are on the stack in front of them.

How can you make good decisions at the poker table without knowing the most critical variable? You just can not! And the worst part is that no one is kept from becoming a master in the pot, except for some focus and a little more time and effort.

So the next time you get out of hand instead of pulling your phone out to post more pictures of your chip stack on Instagram, you should improve your couting skills by constantly tracking how much money is in the pot. whether you are involved in the hand or not. Do this often enough and soon it will be automatic and your attention will then be freed up to concentrate elsewhere while still retaining your lead.

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