California casino breaks ground on massive expansion project

Gentle Hills in Corning renovate virtually everything while it updates its property

Last Saturday, Rolling Hills Casino announced a new project that will give the already popular casino a brand new, refreshing look. This news certainly opens up new horizons for the city. The expansion project will provide additional space for the casino plan, two more restaurants and a fresh and new interior.

“From carpets to wall paints, the Council was very active in this regard. We really want to make this project something special for our people and the community, “said Andrew Alejandre, chairman of the Paskenta band of the Nomlaki Indians Tribal. The casino’s owner, the Paskenta Band, celebrated their return to a sovereign nation over the past 25 years with a groundbreaking ceremony. It was discontinued in the 1950s and restored in 1994.

Among the restaurants that will soon be part of the casino, there are Fat Burgers and Rock & Brews. In addition, as part of the renovation, a new brewery and distillery was announced, which will sell their own homemade beer. With this project comes the expectation to bring millions of dollars into the region and more development in the community.

They have been trying to bring governments and committees back for their tribe for the last 25 years. The Nomlaki Foundation was also founded by them with the intention of giving back to the community through the donation of millions of dollars, especially to the community.

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