10 Insider Tips from Your Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack is one of those games that’s easy to learn but deceptively hard to master. While there are some games you can not win, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances of success. Here are a few invaluable insider tips to make your winning streak.

1: Stand on Hard 17s

One of the easiest mistakes to make during a hand of Blackjack is taking a hit when you don’t need to. If you’ve got a hard 17 it’s always best to stand, as there are only four cards that can benefit you out of the whole deck, which doesn’t make for good odds.

2: Hit Soft 17s

Having an ace gives you a lot of flexibility, so you should always hit if you have a soft 17. You can easily use the ace to bring you back down to a lower value if you’re over 21 (though that may not matter. Depending on the rules you play with, and the good odds on the whole, you’ll get a better hand.

3: Watch the dealer’s hand

If your dealer has a 7 or higher, you generally do not want to stand if you have 12 to 16. Chances are the dealer will beat you when he hits you. It’s worth noting that it’s certainly a good game to sometimes stand below 17, but only if the dealer has a high-quality hand that could easily break it.

4: Ignore “Profit Strip”

One of the myths of gambling: Nothing will lose your winnings faster than the thought that you are on a winning streak. Even if you have won a few games in a row, it will end no matter how lucky you are. The best is to stay cool. Either expect and accept losses or just stop playing while you are in front.

5: Learn and Understand the Blackjack Strategy

If you play casually, you may not be so worried about this advice, but it can still be very helpful for your game. With a quick online search for blackjack strategies, you get a variety of results that are tailored to different tables and games. These can indeed be very useful if you play regularly in a casino.

6: Do not go all-in

Of course, this depends on your personal preference. If you want to get the most out of your game or just want to make sure you get away from the game with a few wins, you should be extremely cautious when playing all-in. If you bet a certain percentage of your winnings while wagering the rest Always make sure that you leave the table with something when you have gained some hands.

7: Know when to share

Generally, you do not want to split up to 5s or 10s. You have a better chance of winning if you split cards of higher value such as Aces or Eight, as they still have a good chance of improving your hand after splitting.

8: Do not take out insurance

When you play in a casino, there is almost no reason to take out insurance. The simple fact is that it will always be in favor of the casino, so you will not get any benefits at all.

9: Know when to double

Doubling can remove the house edge, so it’s a useful tactic. Overall, try tweaking the value to 11. It is generally too risky to double the value to a lower value. Do not forget that you can not double at 11 if the dealer has an ace.

10: Know when to stop

Whether you have a good hand or a bad hand, knowing when to call it a day will save not only your wallet but your pride as well (especially if you are terribly lucky). If you feel frustrated or invincible, it’s best to take a break. If you enjoy the game and play it sensibly, you will get the best overall experience.

It should be noted that some of these tips are specific to the casino game. However, you can also apply them to online live games and some video table games. One thing you should always remember is to fully understand the version of blackjack you are playing and to find out which house quirks might have certain casino versions, as these may change your approach.

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