4 Games Every Bingo Fan Should Try

Bingo has exploded into popular culture in recent years. It’s no longer exclusive to bingo halls and thanks to mobile technology, you can now enjoy all sorts of bingo games on both mobile devices and online casinos.

Here are some of the best and most interesting online bingo games that you can play if you are a fan of Leg 11, a knock on the door and two little ducks.

Monopoly Bingo

Anyone who combined the timeless board game Monopoly with Bingo had to create a modern classic – and that’s what developer EA (usually a maker of AAA video games) did with Monopoly Bingo. While the basic format of the game is familiar to anyone who has ever played a few rounds of standard bingo, there are some specials in this release.

First, you play live against other players in each round. The goal is not only to put as many numbers as possible on your cards, but also to reach levels (granted by each game received) to unlock more features. You can progress thanks to power-ups, which include free spaces and instant bingo fields as well as free coins. Free coins are probably the most important here, as they unlock the flashes needed to use power-ups.

It’s a fun twist on standard bingo with familiar characters. Note, however, that there is also a lot of monetization in the game.

Bingo by IGG

If you prefer traditional bingo but still want a little more then IGG bingo is an interesting title. It combines the bingo you know and love with slots, so you can enjoy fast-paced action or more relaxed play, depending on your mood. There are also a few extra elements in bingo.

Like many other bingo games, you can collect boosts and power-ups to reach new levels. Higher levels will help you unlock bonus features and games, new rooms, and more. The graphics in this title are particularly impressive, making each unlocking feel more rewarding.

Again, the game offers a range of microtransactions that can get annoying if you want to make quick progress. The combination of slot and bingo makes this game a solid attempt.

Lucky Bingo

With a series of twists in traditional bingo games, one could easily argue that Lucky Bingo is actually four versions of bingo in one app. This means that you have a wide choice and find a style of play that suits you.

There is a live action bingo mode, instant bingo, bingo hell and painfully slow bingo. Each mode does pretty much what you would expect. Relax on the sofa and play relaxed? Painfully slow bingo offers just that. Looking for an almost impossible challenge? Bingo Hell Mode is more than happy to test your limits.

Unlocking is also pretty easy and you can chat with other players for free, no matter what you play, even though the live action mode is designed to be the most sociable kind of game.

Bingo Gem Rush

Bingo Gem Rush is another interesting variant of bingo that ensures that no game is too slow – ideal if you are looking for an engaging and fun game that will kill you for a few minutes. The idea is that you compete against friends and other players as well as against the clock to win prizes. To make things even more hectic, each level increases the speed with which numbers are called. The higher levels also increase the bonuses and you get a free coin every four hours.

As with almost all other bingo apps and games, you can pay to move forward and purchase power-ups to increase your level. With some unlocks, time can be frozen and you can create combos to increase your score.

Probably one of the best things about Bingo Gem Rush is the fact that you can play it completely for free. All the power-ups can eventually be earned by playing and there is also an offline mode.

There are, of course, many other interesting and entertaining bingo titles, not to mention pages dedicated to bingo. The above selection is simply a good starting point for bingo veterans and newbies. Do not forget to consult our bingo hall guide, who is worth a visit to the UK.

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