Poker player sentenced to jail over online cheating scandal

Peter Jepsen was forced to kneel down for installing software on players’ computers

Up to Copenhagen in Denmark, a professional poker player did something other than just trying to win. Peter Jepsen is a well-known poker player who mainly plays online at high stakes. He was just convicted by a court in Copenhagen for online poker fraud. For a total of six years, Jepsen devoted itself to installing malicious malware on its competitors’ computers in order to gain access to their cards.

Jepsen was sentenced by the court last week to spend time behind bars and to pay a fine of approximately $ 3.9 million. He carried out this scam against other regular high-stake players from 2008 to 2014 by choosing high-profile European Poker Tours stops as his usual target. After accessing the other players’ computers, he installed software to access their hole cards.

The Danish authorities have received several complaints from several of the players concerned, which is why a five-year investigation has been initiated and ended in a lawsuit. At least three witnesses testified that they were complicit in the fraud during the trial. These witnesses confessed their involvement in the software installation used by Jepsen. Now, not only could the police pay the fine and take the time locked in, but they could also receive $ 3.9 million from Jepsen. That’s more than the amount he could rob his opponents. According to the prosecutor, he should get three years in prison; In the end, however, it was adjusted for six months because it was overdue.

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