Football Players Who Would Make Great Poker Players

Millions of people around the world are poker players. It is not a temporary phase or a hobby for them, but a very real way of having fun and maybe making some money on the side.

It is impossible for each and every one of them to have the same personality type, although it is claimed that the very best poker stars in the world share some personality traits and skills that will help them succeed. Some of the most common are:

  • discipline
  • Calm down under pressure
  • Money management
  • Statistical intelligence
  • A “nose” for poker

It’s fascinating that so many retired professional footballers are jumping into poker. A former striker who has already made it as a poker player is Teddy Sheringham – an England international who has largely worked at Tottenham and Manchester United. He had a good career before swapping the lawn for the table. And he has a pretty good run with cards in his hand. “Shezza” earned over £ 300,000 playing the game, won a European Poker Tour event and finished 14th at the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

At first glance, the two professions have little in common, but if you look a little deeper, it shows that footballers have exactly the right skills to be successful at the table. Here are four that could really thrive:

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is considered one of the best footballers who have ever played on the grass. His hypnotizing dribbling skills have driven the defenders so mad that they often have to pay to get back into the stadium after being beaten by the Argentines. Some believe that the best defense against the Barcelona winger is an attack, so try to kick him until he is injured. It’s raw, lawless, and usually doesn’t work.

The reason for this is that Messi has a calm and cool personality, which ensures that he doesn’t have to resort to physical retribution. For him, the best form of revenge is to score another goal. If he stays cool under pressure, he is ideal for poker – maybe he will soon be sitting at the table with Barca colleague Pique. In terms of money management, this may require some work as Messi continues to struggle with tax evasion.

Andrea Pirlo

Cool personified: Has there ever been a more stylish footballer than Andrea Pirlo? The graceful Italian would glide across the pitch before retirement, taking up little space and delivering the killer passes for his teammates from which he could score. The perfectly coiffed hair and beard completed the look and confirmed that Pirlo is a cool guy. You can imagine him on the Monte Carlo poker table, surrounded by glamor, glamor and sophistication.

Ironically, Pirlo was incredibly disciplined for such an elegant player. His role on the pitch was as a quarterback’s football equivalent; Collect the ball from those who are less talented than him before you make meaningful contributions to the last third of the field. It’s a role that requires tremendous discipline, and so the former midfield maestro might be able to turn to poker after his game days are over.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Some of the best poker players have a pretty bloated ego feel. Don’t name names, but some of the game’s richest professionals are confident in their abilities and make sure everyone knows them. Step forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a man whose collection of quotes from his own self-confidence could fill a fairly difficult book. “One thing is certain, there is nothing to see a World Cup without me …” and “only God knows … you are talking to him now” are two classics that reveal a man who is not backward when he comes forward , Interestingly, Zlatan also has a cool head under pressure. He has scored 68 of the 78 penalties in his career – an excellent rate of 87%.

Arsene Wenger

Although Arsene Wenger does not believe he is much of a player who rarely goes beyond the lower leagues in France, he is a highly respected coach who, with his move to Arsenal in 1996, introduced Gunners to a more scientific approach to English football, but that Dynamics have become cold in recent years and now a large part of the Arsenal fan community wants Wenger to leave the club. But he remains stoic and under attack, with a poker face that he shows in interviews in difficult times to embarrass Phil Hellmuth.

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